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Zambian Music Awards Stir Debate with Exclusion of Jae Cash & Jemax

Zambian Music Awards Stir Debate with Exclusion of Jae Cash & Jemax

Zambian Music Awards Stir Debate with Exclusion of Jae Cash & Jemax


The 2023 Kwacha Music Awards announcement sent ripples through the Zambian music scene, stirring a whirlwind of reactions from fervent fans. Jae Cash and Jemax, notable names in the industry, were conspicuously absent from the list of nominations. This omission has ignited a firestorm of speculation, prompting impassioned debates about the fairness of the selection process and the recurring dominance of certain artists.


Intriguingly, this isn’t the first time Jae Cash and Jemax find themselves at odds with the Kwacha Music Awards. Their decision to abstain from the 2022 Musical Awards left tongues wagging and eyebrows raised. Seemingly fed up with the categorization and exclusion they perceived, they chose to bow out. While the exact motives behind their omission this year remain shrouded in mystery, the conspicuous silence from both the Kwacha music awards organizers and the affected artists themselves only adds fuel to the fervor.


As the dust settles, one thing is certain: Jae Cash and Jemax have carved out a unique place in their fans’ hearts, regardless of official accolades. Their absence from the nominations doesn’t diminish their prowess and resonance within the Zambian music landscape. Their steadfast supporters remain convinced that their musical prowess speaks volumes louder than any award. Whether in the spotlight of the Kwacha Music Awards or not, their impact endures, cementing their status as powerhouses in the realm of Zambian music.








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