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Yo Maps is Not The Reason For Bukata’s Absent But Mwizukanji – Kidist

Yo Maps is Not The Reason For Bukata's Absent But Mwizukanji – Kidist

Yo Maps is Not The Reason For Bukata’s Absent But Mwizukanji – Kidist


The absence of Bukata, Yo Maps’ first child, at the second birthday celebration of Tendai, Yo Maps and Kidist’s daughter, has ignited a social media frenzy. Mwizukanji, Bukata’s mother, seems to have intentionally kept Bukata away from meeting his younger sister, Tendai, leading to heated debates and conflicting opinions.


During the birthday event, Fashion Police Zambia, a prominent Zambian social media page, was present to capture the moments. They shared updates and delved into the reasons behind Bukata’s absence. Yo Maps, in response to inquiries, claimed that Mwizukanji was occupied with various errands, preventing Bukata from attending the celebration.


Fashion Police Zambia’s post caught the attention of Mwizukanji, who dismissed Yo Maps’ explanation as mere excuses. This remark triggered a response from Kidist, Yo Maps’ partner and Tendai’s mother, who passionately defended her husband’s position.

Check the screenshot below


The ensuing controversy has ignited a wave of discussions and contrasting viewpoints. Some emphasize the importance of sibling bonding and feel that Bukata should have been present, while others sympathize with Yo Maps’ explanation. The situation has given rise to subjective and opinionated debates among the public.


As the story continues to unfold, the Zambian community eagerly awaits further developments and updates regarding the complex dynamics between Yo Maps, Mwizukanji, and the potential reconciliation of Bukata and Tendai. This ongoing saga sheds light on the intricacies of personal relationships and the subjective perspectives that color them, leaving observers curious about the future of this unconventional family situation.

Check out the screenshot below for Kidist Kifle’s Response

Kidist Kifle's Response




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