Mwizukanji Biography: Age,Real Name, Husband, Net Worth & More

Mwizukanji Biography

Mwizukanji Biography: Age,Real Name, Husband, Net Worth & More


Mwizukanji is a popular Zambian social media personality, actress, and entrepreneur. She’s known for her outspoken personality, her successful businesses, and her relationship with the Zambian musician Yo Maps, with whom she has a daughter.

Social media celebrity

Mwizukanji has a large following on social media, particularly on Facebook and Instagram. She’s known for her entertaining and engaging interviews, which she often posts online.


Mwizukanji has appeared in a number of Zambian films and television shows.


Mwizukanji is a successful businesswoman who owns several businesses, including a restaurant called “The Meatopia” and a clothing line called “Mwizu Collection.”

Relationship with Yo Maps 

Mwizukanji was in a relationship with the Zambian musician Yo Maps for several years. They have a daughter together, but the couple has since broken up.

Mwizukanji Education Background

Mwizukanji attended a private school in Lusaka, where she excelled in her studies and was a member of the school’s debate team and drama club.

After completing her secondary education, Mwizukanji enrolled at the University of Zambia, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies. During her time at university, Mwizukanji was involved in a number of extracurricular activities, including volunteering at a local radio station and interning at a production company. She also started her own blog, where she wrote about her experiences as a young woman in Zambia..

Mwizukanji Age 

Prudence Mwizukanji Nakamba was born on 8 December 19**, this year 2024 Mwizukanji should be 30 to 35 years, her birth year is currently not disclosed to the public. 

Mwizukanji’s Children 

Mwizukanji has 3 children 2 girls and 1 boy, she love them alot and they mean the world to her. She also keeps 1 child which makes them 4. Tendai is on of Mwizukanji’s children and his father is a Zambian Biggest celebrity and his name is Elton Mulenga aka Yo Maps 

Is Mwizukanji married

Mwizukanji has been married for over a year now. But she has not yet disclose her husband to the public 

Mwizukanji is a role model for many young Zambian women. She’s an independent and successful woman who is not afraid to speak her mind. She’s also a loving mother to her daughter.

Here are some additional details about Mwizukanji:

* She was born in the town of Mkushi in Zambia.

* She is the youngest of five children.

* She studied marketing at the University of Zambia.

* She started her acting career in 2012.

* She opened her first restaurant, The MeTopia, in 2017.

* She launched her clothing line, Mwizu Collection, in 2018.

Mwizukanji is a complex and fascinating person. She’s a successful businesswoman, a talented actress, and a loving mother. She’s also not afraid to speak her mind, which has sometimes gotten her into trouble. But her fans love her for her honesty and her willingness to stand up for what she believes in.

FAQs About Mwizukanji 

  • Mwizukanji’s real name: Nakamba Mwizukanji Prudence.
  • Mwizukanji house: She is currently living in a farm house miles from Lusaka 
  • Mwizukanji wikipedia: Mwizukanji is currently not on Wikipedia 
  • Is Mwizukanji married: Mwizukanji has been married for over a year now. But she has not yet disclose her husband to the public 
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