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Mordecai decline features from every Zambian artist apart from Yo Maps

Zambian current trending singer – Mordecai was hosted by DJ Showstar for an interview.

Mordecai decline features from every Zambian artist apart from Yo Maps


In a recent interview hosted by DJ Showstar, the Zambian music sensation, Mordecai, opened up about the controversial claim made by another prominent artist in the country, asserting his position as the “biggest artist.” Mordecai’s response to this claim, along with his views on collaborating with fellow artists, has sparked a wave of discussion and interest across the internet.


Refuting the “Biggest Artist” Claim:

During the interview, Mordecai candidly refuted the notion that he considered himself the biggest artist in Zambia. Clarifying the statement that had caused quite a stir, Mordecai clarified that he was referring to having the “biggest song” in the country, rather than claiming the title of the overall “biggest artist.” This distinction brought a sense of clarity to his original statement and aimed to eliminate any misunderstanding or potential rivalry between artists.


Addressing Collaboration with Yo Maps:

In the course of the interview, DJ Showstar seized the opportunity to ask Mordecai about his professional relationship with fellow Zambian artist Yo Maps. Mordecai responded with an intriguing statement, revealing that he would be open to collaborating with Yo Maps exclusively, whereas he would not consider working with any other Zambian artist.


Mordecai’s Preference for Yo Maps:

Mordecai’s statement about working with Yo Maps exclusively has raised eyebrows and sparked a whirlwind of speculation. While the reasons behind this preference remain undisclosed, it is clear that there is a special connection or mutual admiration between the two artists that transcends typical collaborations. This revelation has fueled discussions and generated curiosity among fans and industry insiders alike.


The Full Interview:

To delve deeper into Mordecai’s perspectives on these matters and witness the engaging interaction between him and DJ Showstar, the full interview has been made available for viewers. By watching the complete interview, fans and enthusiasts can gain valuable insights into Mordecai’s artistic journey, his thoughts on the music industry, and his vision for the future.



Mordecai’s recent interview with DJ Showstar has shed light on his true intentions behind the “biggest artist” claim that made headlines. With a clear distinction between having the “biggest song” and being the “biggest artist,” Mordecai has dispelled any misconceptions surrounding his statement. Additionally, his inclination towards collaborating exclusively with Yo Maps has left fans eagerly anticipating any potential future collaborations between these two talented Zambian musicians.

Watch the Full Interview Below:




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