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kidist kifle biography 


Kidist Kifle was born in Ethiopia and was studying at the University of Zambia before dropping out of school to spend more time with Yo Maps 2. She has been in the news for her relationship with Yo Maps and her involvement in a viral video where she was seen abusing the late Zambian musician Daev 

Yo Maps Yo  with Wife-to-be Kidist kifle & her parents

Kidist Kifle Real Age

How old is Kidist Kifle In 2024: It’s difficult to verify Kidist Kifle’s exact age, but some online sources, such as Zambian Report on Facebook, estimate it to be 26

kidist kifle child : kidist kifle biography

Yo Maps child with kidist: Tendai is the daughter of Elton Mulenga, also known as Yo Maps, and Kidist Kifle. She was born in July 2021. As of January 2024, Tendai is approximately 2 years and 6 months old.

Yo Maps Yo  with Wife-to-be Kidist kifle & her parents
yo maps ,kidist and baby tendai

Kidist Kifle Parents

Kidist Kifle has kept her family life private since she came on scene but there was a photo on facebook of Yo Maps Yo  with Wife-to-be Kidist kifle & her parents though its not clear if indeed its her parents.kidist kifle biography

Yo Maps Yo  with Wife-to-be Kidist kifle & her parents

Kidist and Daev Zambia

Her fame surged when a video depicting her berating the late singer Daev gained traction on social media. What heightened public outrage was the timing of the video’s release, which occurred after the singer had been reported to have died in a car accident on the spot. The situation escalated to the point where people began protesting with the demand for justice for Daev, prompting the Zambian Police to investigate the matter. However, despite the unfolding events, the video failed to provide any conclusive evidence regarding the circumstances of Daev’s death.

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