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Kanina Kandalama breaks up with her long term boyfriend Sancool

Kanina Kandalama breaks up with her long term boyfriend Sancool

Kanina Kandalama breaks up with her long term boyfriend Sancool (READ MORE….

Kanina Kandalama Boyfriend now Ex Boyfriend  took it to his Facebook page and wrote a, heart felt message that is meant for his ex Girlfriend and it narrated how far they have come and his sad it is for him that they broke up. Kanina Kandalama breaks up with her long term boyfriend Sancool

Sancool the boyfriend wrote,

Good evening, friends and friends ! I have some news to share with you. Since my relationship with Kanina Kandalama was on social media I thought of letting you all know, From now on, please contact Kanina Kandalama for any business-related matters or inquiries. I regret to inform you that Kanina and I decided to go our separate ways due to some issues. If you know us you can tell how close and happy we were from the time we started dating, Since late last year We have been having frequent conflicts and misunderstandings. After she started hanging around with wrong friends giving her wrong advice. She suggested that we should go our separate ways because she wants to be alone for now. I know this might sound unbelievable

To those who have looked up to us and those old/young couples we inspired over the years, I sincerely apologize that we have disappointed you and failed you in the end. If you were in my position, you would probably choose to be single for now too. There are many reasons why our relationship failed, but I will try to mention a few of them.

Those of you who know me well can attest that I have been very supportive of Kanina’s career since we started dating. I have devoted most of my life to helping her achieve her goals. I have been working extremely hard and helping her create content the past 3 years. After all that I have done for her, In the end I have only received insults, disrespect and humiliations. We have been making money together from our hard work, but Kanina has never appreciated how much I have contributed in her career I have always loved and cared for Her and given her the kind of support and affection that any man would give to the woman he loves. I dated her for 5 years before she became popular and gained a large following. People who knew us before she became famous can confirm this. Some people even mocked me for dating her but that never changed I loved her for who she was now that people can see her as a lady and she is more famous and knows many influential people, all she wants is a man who can buy her an expensive car. “All my friends are driving and buying luxury vehicles I can’t be driving a vits” she said. So now that She is famous, I have become worthless in her eyes. Out of the things that we worked and bought together when we were starting out, She took everything. For that I understand because most of the deals came because of her influence, Social media numbers and popularity, but I have sacrificed a lot of time to create content and adverts for her and teach her how to edit video clips, adverts, She has never had a manager, From the time her former record label left her I played that role we managed to shoot 5 clean and expensive music videos without a sponsor just the two of us through our hard work. All that was all in vain. I still have nothing to show for it. I worked very hard and gave up my own music career to make sure that things went well for her. But none of that mattered to her. I have decided to give Her the space that she wants. I know no relationship is perfect but at least I tried to be perfect for her But Recently She started making a simple misunderstandings very big Every time we have a small argument, she makes it public and involves the whole industry, friends and our family members. We can’t resolve things privately . She has been insulting me constantly and sometimes involves my late parents 😞 I have always told her that she may be a celebrity, but I am still her man and she needs to respect me. I have seen couples who respect each other even when one of them is not a celebrity, but with Us it was different, All these came after she started hanging around with wrong people it reached to an extent were her friends can disrespect me because of the things she tells them. People started telling me that I am her dependent when in the actual sense we are business partners

Her and I managed to create a lot of video adverts for 1xBet and paid very handsomely for a 2 years deal and Some of the things I got from that she still claims to have bought for me and telling people that she takes care of me when deep down she knows I was her business partner away from the relationship and Now that she has a large fan base and deals with several companies, I have because nothing and she has forgotten how we suffered for all these things. I will give her the space she wants since she is saying that am useless and she will hire people to work for her and do what I was doing. We have worked on countless number of unreleased projects, we’ve had sleepless nights just to perfect her sound I am always there to support her. And now She’s saying we can’t continue with the relationship because she is tired of me, she wants to focus on her self. Like I said Ever since her former record label went quiet on her we managed to shoot over 5 expensive clean videos that’s ”Ukabipa,Why, nkalalolela,Pantapo,alcohol Visualiser and the official video without any sponsor just from our hardwork. All the producers, videographers, photographers and others media companies that we’ve worked with can testify how passionate I was in building Kanina Kandalama’s brand, I introduced her to one on the best songwriters,dancers and always encouraged her to do better. She has never supported any of the things I did or do. So those who follow me because of Kanina Kandalama I am sorry to disappoint you as I am no longer with her and those who supports me continue supporting me as I am bringing new talents in the game and style your favorite musicians music videos. 🙏🙏 photos below are flashbacks, Recent and some BTS

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