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I made my first 100k when I was 18 years old – Chanda Brian

I made my first 100k when I was 18 years old – Chanda Brian

I made My first 100k when I was 18 years old – Chanda Brian

Seven months ago, a captivating interview was conducted by Suwilanji Siame, featuring none other than the ambitious and enterprising Zambian young business prodigy, Chanda Brian, famously known as Bataki. The Growth Podcast proudly presents this remarkable conversation that unveils the extraordinary life and entrepreneurial voyage of Brian Chanda, a mere 22-year-old who has already achieved the status of a multi-millionaire in the local Kwacha currency.


Brian’s journey began when he was just 18, where he experienced his first taste of success by amassing a considerable sum of K100,000. However, Brian’s ascent to triumph was not without its fair share of obstacles and challenges. Hailing from a modest background, he faced financial hurdles that forced him to abandon his studies at CBU due to an inability to pay school fees. But it was in these moments of adversity that Brian discovered the resilience and determination that would set him on the path to prosperity.


During the gripping interview, Brian Chanda candidly shared his tales of failure and loss, offering listeners a window into the trials that shaped his character and fortified his resolve. His story serves as a beacon of inspiration for young people across the nation, demonstrating that success is not merely about the absence of failure but about how one rises after each fall.


The wisdom emanating from Brian’s words during the episode was truly profound. He imparted invaluable nuggets of knowledge, specifically tailored to empower and guide young individuals in their pursuit of greatness. Brian’s insights transcend the traditional confines of business acumen; they encompass the essence of personal development and the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams.


What sets this interview apart is not only the audacity of Brian’s entrepreneurial accomplishments at such a tender age but also the candid and raw nature of his storytelling. The conversation flowed with an enthralling burstiness, featuring moments of reflection and vulnerability intertwined with anecdotes of triumph and determination. Suwilanji Siame masterfully conducted the interview, creating an atmosphere that allowed Brian’s authentic voice to shine through.


As you concentrate to this week’s episode of The boom Podcast, prepare to be captivated through a story that defies conventions and embraces the beauty of subjectivity.

Brian Chanda’s tale is a testomony to the resilience of the human spirit and the boundless potential that resides within every younger man or woman craving to make a difference of their lives and those of others. So tune in, open your mind to perplexity, and let the wisdom of Brian Chanda inspire you on your own journey of growth and success.

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