Archive of Our Own Website Under Siege: DDoS Attacks Rock Online Fanfiction Community

Archive of Our Own Website Under Siege: DDoS Attacks Rock Online Fanfiction Community

Archive of Our Own Website Under Siege: DDoS Attacks Rock Online Fanfiction Community


In a startling turn of events, the popular fanfiction platform, Archive of Our Own (AO3), has been plunged into chaos as it grapples with a relentless series of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Since the early hours of Monday morning, users have been left frustrated and anxious as the website intermittently goes offline, only to resurface sporadically.


The AO3 team took to social media to address the situation, acknowledging the ongoing issues. In a tweet posted on July 10, 2023, at 1:24 PM (GMT), AO3 simply stated, “The Archive is experiencing some issues.” However, it wasn’t until 6:38 PM on the same day that they confirmed the cause of the disruption – a malicious DDoS attack that had caused their servers to buckle under the immense strain.

What makes this attack particularly concerning is the revealed motive behind it. AO3 disclosed that the culprits responsible for the DDoS onslaught are identified as a “collective of religiously and politically motivated hackers.” The exact intentions and identities of these hackers remain shrouded in mystery, leaving both AO3 and its dedicated community puzzled and alarmed.


News outlets like have taken a keen interest in the situation and have reached out to AO3 for an official statement. The hope is that more information will be unveiled, shedding light on the motives and identities of these enigmatic attackers. The wider online community waits with bated breath for any revelations that may come to light.


Despite the tumultuous disruptions caused by these relentless attacks, AO3 has sought to reassure its loyal users that their personal data remains secure. The platform has explicitly stated that there is no need for users to change their passwords in response to this distressing incident. It appears that the primary focus of the attackers is to disrupt the platform rather than to gain access to user information.


As the situation unfolds, the AO3 community finds itself in a state of anticipation, eagerly awaiting updates and hoping for a swift resolution to the ongoing DDoS attacks. This online haven, cherished by fanfiction enthusiasts worldwide, stands as a testament to the power of creativity and imagination. The resilience of AO3’s dedicated users will undoubtedly prevail as they continue to navigate through these turbulent times, with the collective hope of uninterrupted access to their beloved fanfiction archive.


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